A Lighthearted Bride’s Guide to Planning Your Wedding

I was a bride myself once. I planned my wedding down to the very last T. I worried and stressed about every last detail from the invites to scouring the country for the perfect bridesmaid dresses. Some days I nearly had a nervous breakdown. No seriously I did. I spent nearly a whole day ringing round every BHS in the country trying to track down an age 11 flower girl dress. I nearly collapsed when I opened my tiara box and found that it was broken (luckily one nimble fingered husband-to-be and a tube of superglue later, all was well). I nearly had kittens when I realised I’d ordered too many invitations (stupid me forgot everyone was in couples but then maths was never my forte). I spent hours on wedding related discussion forums poring over threads about colour schemes and sugared almonds. I could never have done it without those girls, they were my saviour! As a result, I feel I am suitably qualified (or at least I hope I am) to comment on what is most definitely one of the most stressful events you will ever plan in your life. I’ve put together some very candid hints and tips to help you in planning your Big Day. I’m not writing this to save you money, more to save your sanity. Although you may not agree with some of my suggestions, or even any of them I hope that you at least take away with you one or two handy tips.

Do not scrimp on your wedding dress. I really cannot emphasize this enough. It’s the one and only dress in your life that you deserve to splurge on. It’s the dress you’ve dreamed about since you were a little girl. So here’s what happens. You start off with a budget in mind – well scrap that for a start and double it. If I had a pound for the amount of brides I’ve spoken to who have entered the doors of a bridal boutique only to find their dream dress is five hundred pounds more expensive than their budget will allow, well let’s just say I’d be a very rich lady. So what do you do? You try it on of course (just out of curiosity, to see if it fits, it’s not like you are going to buy it is it?). You then shimmy towards the mirror and BINGO – you are in love. But damn, it’s way too expensive. Your heart sinks as you take it off and try and put it out of your mind but that damn dress keeps creeping back in. You’ve found nothing like it anywhere else, you’ve scoured eBay and the local paper but nothing comes close. It made you feel a million dollars; a princess, it knocks ten pounds off you and then realisation hits you….YOU SIMPLY MUST HAVE THAT DRESS! So, what do you do? What can you do? It’s very, very simple ladies. You jiggle the budget around and you buy it. You will never regret that decision.

Do buy well fitting comfortable shoes. Yes, I know that sounds incredibly boring but honestly you will be so glad you did. As opposed to your dress I really don’t think it’s necessary to spend hundreds of pounds on shoes for your wedding day. Honestly, believe me when I say, nobody is interested in your shoes apart from you. Okay, those Louboutins may be crying out to be displayed on your tootsies but nobody will know they are Louboutins apart from your fashion conscious friends. Imagine your dismay when you overhear your Great Aunt Maud saying she saw three pairs for a tenner down at her local Shoe Express? The colour will drain from your face. A well fitting, fashionable high street bridal shoe is all you need. I’d also not go any higher than three and a half inches for your heel, unless you fancy tripping over down the aisle – not a good look.

Accessories and jewellery – Do not go overboard on your accessories or jewellery. Think of the motto “Less is more”. You have a beautiful dress; you don’t need tons and tons of bling to accompany it. There are an array of hair accessories on the market now. If you decide to wear a tiara I’d advise going for one made with Swarovski. Swarovski AB has a beautiful iridescent rainbow effect when it catches the light which makes it a popular choice for brides and bridesmaids. You won’t find anything more sparkly anywhere. For your jewellery, a beautiful pearl necklace or a statement vintage diamante choker is all you will need and some simple earrings. I also wouldn’t advise wearing a watch on your wedding day – for two reasons. The first is I don’t think it’s a good look and secondly you will be forever clock watching and stressing yourself out if things aren’t running exactly to time.

The same goes for your lingerie. I wouldn’t advise spending a fortune on fancy, frilly bridal lingerie. Do you remember that wedding you went to where you welled up at the sight of the bride walking down the aisle, her face full of emotion? Well that wasn’t emotion you were seeing, it was a pained expression caused by a cheese wire resembling a piece of lace between the cheeks of her backside. It probably wasn’t helped by the skyscraper pair of Louboutins she was wearing either. By all means snap up that beautiful basque you’ve seen in Agent Provocateur- but reserve it for your honeymoon. Let’s face it 8/10 couples do not consummate their marriage on their wedding night anyway, myself being one of them. The only thing I was hugging on my wedding night was the fine porcelain toilet bowl….but that’s another story.

Free bar or cash bar? Now this is a very controversial subject. I’ve seen many a bun fight on an internet discussion forum over this topic. My personal opinion is DO NOT HAVE A FREE BAR. In fact I feel quite strongly about it. People do not expect you to fork out hundreds (or thousands) of pounds providing a free bar for them all day and night. A medium sized quality drinks package for your day guests and a welcome drink for your evening guests are absolutely sufficient. A free bar is asking for trouble (and your wallet will hate you for it). It is wedding carnage. People get greedy; they will order doubles, or triples or even champagne cocktails if you’re really lucky. Beer will go warm but what will people do? Not make do and drink up, they will discard it and fetch another one (because it’s free). Your Uncle Brian will be renamed “The Sex Pest” after getting completely bladdered and trying to fondle the bridesmaids. People will start fighting, beer will be spilled on the dance floor and the chocolate fountain will be…well everywhere but in the fountain. I’ve been guilty of it myself, “the greed factor”. I once went to a do with a free bar although I didn’t realise it at the time until I went to pay…and then swiftly ordered a large one…with a vodka chaser. You have been warned.

Favours. Do you bother or not? I’m a big fan of favours, but I think it’s a woman’s thing. Women like pretty boxes tied with ribbon with a treat inside. I really like the personalised touch when it comes to favours – like making your own biscuits or in my case I made all the ladies Swarovski Crystal earrings. Scratch cards are another good idea – check out all the men ferreting about in their pockets for a 2 pence piece and then the look on cousin Billy’s face when he wins…a fiver. Oh well, it will come in handy later at the “non free bar”. Charity pins are also a good choice and always go down well. Steer clear of sugared almonds. They may be traditional but they are tacky beyond belief and very Eighties. Let’s face it who really likes sugared almonds?

Band or DJ? I personally don’t think you can go wrong with a really good DJ who plays a good mix of music throughout the decades that will appeal to all ages. Avoid anything by Black Lace or the Birdie Song but a bit of YMCA always goes down a treat and gets everybody cutting their shapes on the dance floor. Do not make the mistake of playing music that will only appeal to you and your friends. I once went to a wedding where the DJ played hard core house music all night. Great for the bride and groom who were dancing on the tables…on their own.

With regard to a live band, again – don’t make the mistake of hiring a band that only plays a specific type of music. I made this mistake at my wedding. We hired a Rat Pack type swing band. It cost us an arm and a leg (and a kidney) but we were very excited about it. We had visions of the gorgeous looking singer (as he looked in the photo) with his charisma, slicked back hair singing “Mack The Knife” into his old fashioned microphone. What we got was a portly looking very dull bloke (who could sing all right) but had about as much charisma as a wet fart along with his four what can only be described as “grave dodgers” as a backing band. Luckily for us, we hired a DJ as well.

Your photographer. This is also something that is worth splurging on. A good quality reportage photographer who knows his stuff is worth his weight in gold. Do your research first or try and get a recommendation. You can usually tell a lot about a photographer by his website so do your research carefully. I fully support the reportage style photography. It’s modern, uncontrived and gives stunning results. The last thing that you need on your wedding day is some stuffy old photographer with the manner of a sergeant major ordering your family and friends about for the best part of the afternoon. The one thing that irritates me when I go to a wedding is the time it takes for the photos – bride, groom, father of the bride, mother of the bride – brides’ family, groom’s family, Uncle Tom Cobly and all. It takes forever and it’s boring. The beauty of reportage photography is that you hardly notice the photos being taken; they have the knack of keeping disturbance to a minimum. I hardly remember our photographer being there on the day but he must have been because we have the beautiful photographs to prove it.

Invitations and gift lists: Make sure you send out “save the date” cards. People lead such busy lives nowadays and so if you want to make sure all your guests can make your wedding then I would recommend these. Failing that email everybody! The etiquette is to send out formal invitations six weeks before you wedding. If you don’t send out save the date cards I would recommend sending your invitations out before six weeks – for the same reason really. People book holidays, they like to know about things well in advance. With regard to wedding gifts, this is another controversial subject. My personal opinion is that if you have a gift list, you should include it in your invite or at least give people details of where to find it. A lot of couples these days don’t have gift lists and prefer hard cash or vouchers. There is nothing wrong with that but there are ways and means to go about it. I personally detest with a passion those tacky cheesy poems that people use to beg for hard cash for their wedding. I find them rather distasteful and irritating. Some people have even been known to include their account details and sort code at the footer of the poem. Honestly! If you haven’t got a gift list then word of mouth about what you would like is the best way. People will ask you what you want, I personally wouldn’t blatantly ask for cash, I would be clever and ask for vouchers or set up an account at a local travel agents for travel vouchers. I also think it’s nice to get some surprises for your wedding gifts. So what if you get four toasters? You can always eBay them….or buy lots of bread!

Avoid at all costs anything with the “tacky” factor. By this I mean those dodgy looking helium filled teddy bears shaped as a bride and groom, sugared almonds, fake rose petals, personalised ring cushions, sugared almonds, trivia for your tables (if you wanted a quiz, you’d go down your local pub), sugared almonds, stretch limos, oh and did I say sugared almonds?….

Try not to get too bogged down with finer points. Nobody will notice if your lip gloss isn’t quite the same shade as your bridesmaids’ dresses. Everything will fall into place on the day. I promise you. Remember, it is only one day; it will zoom past before you know it and you will wonder why you got yourself in a tizz about nothing. I certainly did.

Discount Designer Wedding Gowns

If you are planning to buy a designer’s wedding gown, you need to know that there is no need for you to spend too much money on it, as there are plenty of stores which have all sorts of discounts to their designers’ wedding gowns. And this happens not because the wedding dresses would not be extremely beautiful or trendy, but because they are part of past collections and they have to be sold, even though their season has passed. Even so, you need to know that there are many women who wait for these sorts of things to happen to be able to buy themselves a designer’s wedding gown and there is nothing bad about it, especially if you do not have the money needed to buy a new collection type of wedding gown.

For instance, there are plenty stores which deal with selling at discounted prices wedding dresses created by Vera Wang, Dior or other famous designers who deal with creating such dresses. Therefore, the best thing you can do is to go out there and start looking for discounted prices and incredible offers. There is something you can do and that is to go online. There are many online store which sell discounted designer wedding gowns and there are also plenty forums, where women who have already got married log in and help women who are only now getting married with tips about what to do and where to look for the best thing.

Therefore, if you are currently planning the most beautiful and, at the same time, the most important day of your life, make sure you log on on such a forum, you may find out a lot of new tricks and tip that will help you greatly in the challenge of saving some money. There are many couples who are planning their wedding around quite a tight budget and they may find these forums very useful and interesting.

Another important thing about these forums is that there are also plenty of women who have already bought their designer wedding gown, worn it to their wedding and now it is somewhere in the back of their closets and these women want to sell their dresses, to either make some extra money or to help a woman who is looking for such a dress but who does not have the money to buy a new one.

Second hand designer wedding gowns are quite famous at the moment, especially due to the fact that there are plenty of women who simply do not have the money to buy a new one. Plus, if it is made by a famous designer, who cares if the dress had already been worn once? The truth of the matter is that wearing a wedding dress once is not such a big deal and if the previous lady took good care of the dress, it surely looks as if it were new. Therefore, anyone who is looking to buy a discounted wedding gown which was made by a famous designer should really look online, as there are some store that have incredible prices.

Planning a Theme for Your Wedding

When making preparations for your big day, it is easy to get lost in trying to figure out the exact unique flair that expresses you and your partners relationship. However with a clear focused goal and the help of a wedding planner it can be easy and enjoyable to figure out the perfect style. While there are conventional styles that can be used as the basis for planning the theme, your wedding’s theme can be anything you imagine whether it be a timeless traditional wedding to a quirky franchise based wedding.

One of the first things to focus on when planning a theme for your wedding is to decide on what décor should be used during both the reception and the ceremony. This encompasses everything from the flowers at the altar to the music playing during the dance. The reason that décor is important for your wedding is that it helps establish the tone of the whole day and is also an easy way to express your creativity in a public forum. Décor also can make a change by making your wedding more memorable by having a attention grabber that sticks in people’s minds better.

Though décor does play a large role in the aesthetics of a wedding, one of the easiest ways to accent the theme is with the proper wedding dress. One of the reasons your attire is the most important part of any wedding, is that understandably all attention should be on you and your significant other, not on the furnishings. A matching dress will make your appearance down the center aisle all the more stunning, by creating a beautiful coordinated look between the interior decoration and your ensemble. You can make a dress even more representative of yourself by having modifications done by professional dress design team of trained seamstresses. Another way to help bring together the theme of your wedding is with well-planned accessories like earrings or head pieces. These pieces of jewelry help to accent the outfit and further establish the theme you are going for.

While planning a theme with a wedding planner can make the process of organizing the day easier, it can also be extremely costly making it a difficult option for your budget. However you can also get help on coordinating a theme with your wedding from your bridesmaids and significant other, and get similar results. All that is truly important when planning a theme for your wedding is that it expresses you and your partner’s vision and looks just the way you envisioned it.

Do I Need a Wedding Planner?

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, confusing and stressful – despite all the excitement of organising your special day, for many brides it can all get too much. A wedding planner can be a solution – no matter what your budget is – and help you to save money, plan efficiently and most of all, get the wedding you want.

Consulting an expert takes the pressure off you as the sole organiser (let’s face it, not many men take an active role in the whole process!) and can be a welcome change from pushy and conflicting advice that you might get from friends and family.

If you choose to go with a wedding planner, make sure you research them and their company carefully. Word of mouth recommendation is a great way to find someone you can trust, and meeting someone in person can help you get a feel for whether you can get along with this person for the next few months! When you’re looking for professional guidance, you need to bear in mind that your ideas might not be feasible for your budget – you want to strike a balance between being able to trust your planner’s experience and knowing that they will do their best to accommodate all your wishes. Also make sure they have insurance and that their fee is all inclusive so you don’t get stung with any extra charges later on. Some wedding planners will be on hand all the way up to and including your wedding day, so they are available to deal with any last minute issues or wobbles.

A wedding planner can help you in the following ways:

– Save time. On average, brides spend around 200 hours organising her wedding, which adds up to nearly six weeks in total!

– Save money. Add ‘wedding’ or ‘bridal’ onto pretty much any product and you can be assured that a significant price mark-up will also be added. Sad, but true. A wedding planner can help you to get the best deals, the best prices and show you how to cut corners and save some pennies.

– Give you direction. You might know a great florist, a wonderful caterer and have your wedding dress bought and accessorised, but there are often areas of wedding organisation that brides are clueless about. A wedding planner can fill in the gaps in your knowledge and help you to achieve your goals.

– Help you make decisions. If you have a tendency to be indecisive, or are simply reluctant to make a big decision about your wedding without help, a wedding planner can help you to make the right choice – from wedding favours to your venue.

– Be your back-up. Wedding planners are generally creative, enthusiastic and very well organised people! They may come up with ideas you haven’t thought of, and have experience of situations where you need a back up plan or emergency fixes. Having someone who knows exactly what they’re doing can ease a lot of the stress of planning your wedding.

– Provide an honest opinion. You might have your heart set on releasing 100 white doves at the peak of your ceremony, or wearing a princess dress to rival Katie Price’s pink meringue, but whereas your friends and family may not want to hurt your feelings by telling you it’s a bad idea, your wedding planner will be honest and find a way to compromise on cost and feasibility. Especially where your wedding dress is concerned – it’s great to have an objective eye to help you find the right one.

– Negotiate. Wedding planners are there to do the hard work while you’re busy at work, busy with life or otherwise unable to do it yourself. They can negotiate better prices and work out contracts with suppliers.

A wedding planner can be a worthwhile investment and end up saving you money on your overall budget, even including their fee. If you feel you need professional organisation to help you plan your wedding then start looking into reputable wedding planners – check out wedding website forums, message boards, listings and reviews to get an idea of reputations and styles and find someone who’s right for you and your wedding.

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A Guide to a Perfectly Planned Wedding

Planning your wedding is one of the most exciting times of you life, however the thought of it can also be one of the most daunting. Knowing where to start and what you should aim to do by when will ease you through the process and keep you feeling in control each step of the way.

When it comes to a wedding, everyone is different and every bride wants to make her day unique. It is therefore advisable to ensure that you get the essential items under control in order to leave yourself time for the finishing touches that really do make your day. Here we explain how and when to go about taking some of the all important steps that lead to a fabulous day!

Set a Budget

Firstly plan your wedding budget making a pact with your other half that you won’t exceed it. Do your homework beforehand so that you know what some of the more costly items are likely to be and agree that if you want to go over budget on one item, you need to save money or another. Many wedding websites have handy budget calculators and hints and tips on how to save money on your big day. Some even offer discounts with wedding suppliers local to you, be sure to Google wedding planning and see what you can find! Once the budget is set, this is where the fun really begins as the next vital step is to find your venue.

Choose Your Venue

Choosing the right venue can sometimes be easy, however if there’s nowhere that immediately springs to mind, this can take a little time and often a little patience from both parties! Decide what it is that is important about the venue, is it a fantastic view, the bridal suite, the customer service, the food or a combination of many factors? Start visiting venues with a notebook to hand and make sure that you ask as many questions as you need to. If you are getting married outside of your local area or simply need some help in finding venues, again use wedding websites with venue directories or magazines to direct you to some fabulous local venues.

Word of mouth can be of great help here, so be sure to ask around friends, family and anyone else you can get your hands on! Remember to also check out websites where guests can review and rate hotels as this will sometimes uncover valuable information both good and bad. Aim to secure your venue with at least 18 – 24 months to go as you will find that venues are often booked up years in advance so some flexibility with your dates will help here. If you are having a church wedding, be sure to check the dates with the church before paying a deposit at the venue and vice versa.

Wedding Insurance

Before you start spending on the essentials for your day, consider wedding insurance. For a relatively small cost of around on average thirty pounds this usually covers you for eventualities such as illness or injury or one of your suppliers letting you down or worse, going bust. Unfortunately, in the current credit crunch climate, the latter is something to think about. You are sure to have researched your suppliers before you book them, however you won’t have had the opportunity to see their bank account so it makes sense to consider your options. If insurance is for you then many websites offer price comparisons so check these out and find the best deal.

The Wedding Dress

Now that you have your venue and you have considered insurance, you will no doubt be itching to finalise other arrangements. The wedding dress needs to be chosen well in advance and something that the bride to be certainly will need no reminders about! Be aware however that some designers have waiting lists of over twelve months so as a minimum try to order your dress twelve months in advance. If you see a dress that you love in a magazine then Google the bridal gown designer and then simply search for your local stockist. Again some wedding planning websites will have already done this for you so check out those with a wedding dress directory.

Photographers, Rings & Cars

At around the same time, consider the wedding cars, the photographer and the rings. These are all important and in most cases essential items that can take some time to find. For this reason, you should start looking early, if possible aim to have the wedding rings, photographer and cars chosen with around eighteen months to go. If you are struggling for ideas or not sure who comes recommended in your area, ask around and check the wedding forums, these are a great place to share ideas and experiences with other brides to be. Take care when booking your photographer, wedding photographs are with you forever and aside from the dress have been described as the single most important factor so make sure you are happy with your chosen supplier!

Colour Co-ordination

You can now start thinking about the bridesmaids dresses, the Groom his Best man and the Ushers and the venue decoration as these items tend to go hand in hand in order that the colours chosen compliment each other and the bridesmaid dress colour usually sets the colour scheme. Once you have decided on this colour, it is handy if you are able to take a swatch of the bridesmaid fabric colour as this can be used to co-ordinate venue decoration such as seat covers or even flowers. If you are set on your flowers co-ordinating and don’t want to compromise on shade, it is worth knowing that florists are now able to spray flowers in almost any colour under the sun and fairly cheaply as well! At this time you should also get your invitations ordered as again, these are often chosen to compliment the colour scheme of the bridal party.

The Guest List

With the invitations in progress, you can now move on to the guest list! You will have an idea of your approximate ideal number of guests, so now all you have to do is get to this number! Compromise is important here but after all, this is your day and your day alone so don’t be swayed by the opposing opinions of other family members if possible. Aim to have your guest list finalised and be ready to send invitations with around nine months to go. If you have chosen to get married on a day other than a Saturday it is worth sending out Save The Date cards or magnets 12 months or more in advance.

Now that you know roughly how many guests you will have on the big day, and have ordered your invites, you can look at finalising any numbers for the venue dresser for items such as seat covers and favors and arranging items such as chocolate or drinks fountains and the all important wedding entertainment. Don’t forget to actually send your invites at this point as well and to ensure that your RSVP date fits in with the deadline for finalising numbers with your venue or any deadline that you have been given by suppliers.

Just Six Months To Go

The last 6 months or so before the wedding tends to be a time for dealing with the nice to have extras or less urgent items such as table plans and place settings, final decisions about the food and the wine and of course the dress and suit fittings. Remember to set aside time to get together an emergency box for the bride to be on the morning of the wedding and to include both fun items such as champagne as well as practical things such as spare hair pins and tissues!

Of course all of the above is aimed as a guide, for a more formal timeline many wedding planning websites offer tools that given your wedding date will give you a structured guide to follow. Remember that the main thing is to enjoy the experience, many couples have a lot less or a lot more to think about, some have successfully planned their big day in a much shorter space of time while others prefer to do things well in advance of the timescales mentioned. Whatever the case, once you have taken the first step and bought the engagement ring, it is important to set yourself milestones that you are happy with as this in turn will ensure that your big day is as perfect as you have always dreamed it would be.

Happy planning!

Finding Wedding Professionals the Easy Way

Finding the right wedding professional for your all important day is crucial. Luckily there are many around who have lots of experience and expertise, particularly in the larger city areas. The following article gives you tips on locating them.

Which Wedding Professionals?

You’ll quite possibly need to find the following wedding professionals:

wedding venue
wedding entertainer / DJ
wedding dress
hair and make-up

Find Wedding Professionals Online

This is by far the best way. Nearly all wedding professionals will have a website so that you can check them out.

Search Engines

Use specific keywords on search engines to locate them faster. If you key in a general word like wedding you’ll get zillions of results. Use instead words like wedding photography or wedding catering. etc.

Online Wedding Directories

Find wedding suppliers in online wedding directories. These directories will generally show up first on most search engine results.

Wedding Websites

Wedding professionals often get to know one another through working together at the same weddings. They will often have a Resources or LinksGoogle Ads

Another way is to find them through online advertising. When you Google for weddings, they’ll be ads with links to wedding websites along the right hand side of your screen. You’re also likely to find them within other wedding websites you look through.

Other Ways

Ask friends who have recently had a wedding who they recommend

Ask different wedding professionals for their recommendations

Bridal expos

Wedding magazines

Local newspapersEzines

Ezines like this one will give you lots of wedding information and tips. Also check out Best Articles and Buzzle.


Forums are a great place to ask questions. Try Yahoo Answers, Wedding Central Forum and Easy Weddings Forum.

Importance of Wedding Cars

Your wedding day – one of the most memorable days of your life. Leading up to this day takes hours and hours of organising and researching. One aspect of that organising that is very often overlooked or left to the last minute, is the wedding cars. This is traditionally the groom’s responsibility, but as is the case these days, the bride is often the one who actually organises everything usually with the help of her mother, sister or friends. This is just as well, as most grooms don’t have the knowledge or understanding of just how important the wedding cars are for the bride to be.

So how do you know exactly what you’ll need in regard to wedding car hire and transport?

Firstly, how many cars, or even bigger transport, will you need? Think about the journey and who will need to be in the cars. The bridesmaid, flowers girl, pageboys as well as considering the mothers and fathers of the bride and groom. Oh, and don’t forget the groom himself with the best man. This will help to decide on the numbers and type of cars needed.

It’s traditional for the bride to be and her father to travel in the main wedding car, but due to budget restraints many brides are opting to hire a larger style car such as a stretch limousine which can transport the bride, her father and the bridesmaids with the flowers girls for the same cost as a smaller, more traditional car such as a Rolls Royce or Beauford. Very often the cost of hiring a stretch limousine works out as great value for money.

The size of the car needs to be considered when thinking about the wedding dress too as you need to make sure that your and your dress fit comfortably into the car, especially if there is also a long train on the dress. If you have any luggage or large bags, consider asking a relative to take these or ask the venue if you can drop them off by taxi the day before, making sure the venue has a safe, secure storage place.

Remember to ask the wedding car company if they have the correct insurance, not just normal car insurance but public liability insurance to cover for accident to you dress etc. Also ask them if you have exclusive hire of the cars as you could be delayed at the church or registry office and you need to make sure the wedding car hire company is not in any hurry to attend another wedding after yours. Call the wedding car hire company 2 weeks before to make sure everything is still on track.

You may have to consider hiring a coach as well if your venue is far from your place of ceremony or if it is difficult for your guest to get to.

Your wedding cars are not just for transporting the bride and groom etc, they are a vital of your day and they will also be included in your photography, so it is important to appreciate that this transport as just as important as the dress.

So remember, book the cars well in advance as they often get book up very quickly. Use a reputable company, join a wedding forum in your local area and ask others for their recommendations but most of all do everything well in advance and then sit back and enjoy the ride!!

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Trash the Dress Or TTD As It’s Known in the US – Would You Dare?

Trashing the dress – doesn’t bear thinking about – or does it?! This has to be one of the most misunderstood trends to come out of America within wedding photography in recent times.

We’ve seen photographers touting for business on UK wedding forums such by stating such things as “Trash the Dress is your way of showing your commitment to your husband by confirming you are not going to be wearing the dress again…..” We’ve also seen it referred to as “Drown the Gown” under the misconception that in order to do a TTD session that the bride has to get saturated – nice thought if it wasn’t for the good old UK weather!

Trash the Dress or TTD as it’s more often referred to, was actually started as far as I’m aware by a photographer from the US by the name of John Michael Cooper whose website shows some prime examples or really radical “Trash the Dress” shoots – including one shoot where the dress was actually set on fire – don’t show your mothers girls! Alt-f as he likes to refer to himself really goes that extra step to be totally off-the-wall creative and it was his picture of a bride laid in water, looking very much like Shakespeares’ Orphelia – very, very beautiful but lifeless with leaves and twigs surrounding her which sparked off the whole trend. Alt-f posted the picture on a well known US based wedding photographers forum and it really snowballed from there.

There are now dedicated “Trash The Dress” websites where they tell you that it IS all about commitment to your husband and invite you to submit pictures to the website of you and your dress being trashed. The alternative they say is to “Suffocate it in plastic and throw it in a closet…” (Or as most UK brides tend to do – spend a fortune having it cleaned and then neatly packaged into an acid free box to keep it nice). Your daughter won’t want to wear it in 20 – 30 years time they say – well they DO have a point there don’t they?!

So, now your curiosity is aroused why not start thinking about what fun you could have in your wedding dress post wedding getting it wet or muddy or just generally having a good time NOT worrying about how it looks at the end of the day. Whilst your considering this thought then consider the amazing picture possibilities it creates – from stomping through autumn leaves in Wellington boots perhaps, to for those of you who have their own horses to being sat on the horse in the dress or maybe paddling with your groom in the sea. You are limited only by your own imagination!

Aspects You Need to Know While Buying Wedding Dresses Online

Designer wedding dresses are always trendy and luxurious. They have strong appeals for brides-to-be. To get these elegant dresses without breaking the wallet, most girls prefer buying them from online suppliers or manufacturers directly.

It’ s really a wise decision to purchase your bridal wear online. But you will only get ideal wedding dress after knowing some details about online shopping.

First, you need to find a trustworthy site. It’ s easy to find a wedding dress supplier. But not all of them are reliable. To know the store is trustful or not, the quickest and easiest way is taking a look at feedback from other customers. You are suggested to ask the store owner for the company address before placing your order. Make sure it will accept the exchanging or returning of a broken or discontent dress.

Girls share their shopping experience on some forums. Sometimes they complain the received product is not the one they expect or saw on the site before. To be honest, this may not be caused by the supplier, but by girls themselves. Make sure you have read descriptions and editors’ reviews at length. Most of the time, the store owner describes the dress and tell customers some attentions in detail on the site. So remember to spend minutes in browsing through the site. Also, you are suggested to enlarge the pictures. If the version is not you have been dreaming, change the style or material at once.

When should you pay for your order? Some suppliers charge you the cost after you receive the item. But more usually, you need to pay for the order first. Store owners will ship the item in 24 hours. Girls may feel cheated and open disputes to the store because they do not receive the item long time later. But make sure you have checked the payment status and confirm you have transferred the money. Wrong dispute will be harmful for your reputation. Be careful please.

You are required to take an exact measurement of almost each part of your body. There will be some accents on diverse styles. Bear in mind to talk about your size with the store owner or designer.

Most suppliers offer discounts to customers who visit their sites for the first time. Make sure you have received the promised discount if there was. The discount is different on diverse sites. You should know exactly how many discounts you will be given while checking out.

Online suppliers may be located overseas. Therefore, what shipping method would you like to choose? Most companies provide customers with free shipping. But the shipping method has been set by the company. Usually speaking, you do not need to pay for any sales tax if choosing this method. So make sure the method you chose is indeed free to avoid possible complaints later.

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Wedding Dress Selection Tips

Your Wedding Day is a significant calendar day of your life. You will have to make informed decisions on your wedding photographer, wedding video, flowers, church, wedding venue, cars, suits, dress and the list goes on.

The wedding dress is a vital and integral component of your day that will be around all your life. You will need to select a stylish gown that will look the part, the style and also be comfortable on the day.

Having said this researching a credible wedding gown store is essential so that you are getting what you are paying for. Ask friends, family and past brides where they bought their dress from. Once, you have found the perfect wedding dress store, make an appointment, bring a friend along of family friend and select a stylish gown.

Having a comfortable garment fitted will ensure you are relaxed when the wedding photographer is shooting your day. Some quick tips for selection of a great wedding dress are described below:

• Choose a stylish wedding dress
• Make sure you are comfortable
• Choose a reputable store
• If you have a theme for the day follow it with the dress
• Browse through forums online and magazines
• Search Google for wedding dress tips
• View YouTube videos related to wedding dresses
• Have a budget in mind on what you want to spend realistically
• Have fun and more importantly don’t stress it’s YOUR WEDDING DAY! Not your neighbours
• Try on various dresses that you suit and ask for opinions

After selecting the perfect dress and you feel happy, you may want to ask the supplier if this will be the dress you will be picking up and will it be made of this fabric.

Your dress is a major part on your Wedding Day. So having a comfortable dress is very important in you feeling great and most importantly relaxed for the day. More than likely a well fitted gown will compliment you on the big day.